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Enabling entrepreneurs passionate about sustainable customer value

We search for and support entrepreneurs who hold a clear vision of how to create long-term value for customers. Yanno Capital provide the funding, the leadership experience and the network for our portfolio companies to get the best possible opportunity for success.

Why you should partner with Yanno Capital

There are a few things that sets us apart as a partner to your company. For close to 25 years we have been running businesses and organisations ourselves - we know what it is like to be you. We invest our own money, which makes us more dedicated to your company and it makes decision-making smoother. We invest in great companies during all stages as we have an excellent track record of successful investments with top-tier returns, ranging from start-ups to buy-outs.

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Where we invest

Yanno Capital invests in companies and teams we believe in. We know it is the people that create the success. We focus our investments across the three sectors Finance, Consumer Tech and B2B Software.

Yanno is stage-agnostic - we can make investments ranging from seed rounds in start-ups and growth rounds in accelerating companies (ticket size 5-50 MSEK) to buy-outs in more mature, profitable companies (ticket size 50-500 MSEK). 


We have experience from all sectors in finance - from fintechs, open banking, niche banks and some of the largest banks in Europe. Financial services are constantly evolving with new customer behaviour, technology and regulation and we are looking for opportunities in that intersection.

Consumer Tech

We invest in consumer tech and e-commerce when we are convinced about possibilities to maintain or build a sustainable business model. It is our belief that there are new services and platforms that will emerge and develop into tomorrow’s market leaders.

B2B Software

B2B software companies and SaaS business solutions are evolving fast. We are looking for scalable business models that can drive customer value, with a strong product market fit. We look for opportunities across industry sectors.


Yanno has made investments across the three sectors in focus. Read more about the companies here.

Our portfolio

Yanno founders

Meet the team

Yanno Capital is founded by Nicklas Storåkers and Anna Storåkers. The team will expand over the coming years. Our ambition is to benefit from the diverse experiences in our growing team to give our portfolio companies the most relevant support.