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Yanno Capital, in partnership with Philian, completes 20 MSEK investment in Grasp, one of the worlds first AI-assistants for investment bankers and management consultants.

Johan Cederqvist (left), Simon Hällqvist (middle), Richard Karlsson (right) (1) new

Johan Cederqvist, Simon Hällqvist and Richard Karlsson.

Acceleration of growth opportunity

Grasp uses proprietary, in-house developed, generative AI and language models to streamline complex and time-consuming tasks currently performed by investment banks and management consultants. Globally, US$ 1.4 trillion is spent on these types of services every year, and the industry is expected to undergo significant changes in the coming years as AI will be able to perform a large part of the work.

Grasp launched its AI assistant as a SaaS solution in December 2023 and has since seen a strong inflow of customers. Their technology is currently used by 25 companies in 15 countries across the world, including in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.

“We are very happy to welcome Yanno Capital and Philian to Grasp. Since the release of our AI platform in December 2023, we have grown rapidly and have reached an ARR of 3 SEKM. We are now ready to take Grasp through an expansion phase. Anna and Nicklas have experiences of scaling Fintech companies as few others globally, and we see them as perfect partners on our continued journey”

Richard Karlsson, Founder & CEO Grasp

Globally scalable solution

The investment in Grasp is an addition to Yanno's prior investments in early-stage globally scalable SaaS solutions. Anna Storåkers comments the investment: "We are happy to support Grasp and in its global expansion. Their solution in an elegant way solves a clear problem for a distinct group of clients on a global market. We believe that a sharp focus is the key to success for the AI companies of the future, and the team of Grasp has that focus."

About Grasp

Grasp was founded by former McKinsey consultants Richard Karlsson and Johan Cederqvist, along with AI engineer Simon Hällqvist. Grasp’s AI platform uses generative AI and language models to streamline complex and time-consuming tasks currently performed by investment banks and management consultants. Grasp is currently used by 25 companies worldwide. The company currently has 5 employees.





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