Privacy policy

What information do we store?

The data that is collected and stored can be found in fields of the form submissions, including name, email, telephone number, etc. The collection of personal data is based on consent.

Purpose of data collection

We collect personal data to make contact, establish and/or to maintain a business relationship.

How can you access the data that is stored?

Please contact Anna Storåkers. Email:

Access, delete or change your information

Please contact Anna Storåkers. Email:


You have the right to withdraw consent to the use of your personal data at any time by contacting the personal data controller.

Data storage

We save the data for as long as necessary with regards to the purposes of the processing.

Contact information

Anna Storåkers (personal data controller). Email:

Personuppgiftsbiträde / tekniskt ansvarig

Yanno Capital AB. Registration number: 556929-3912.

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Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are cookies that must be placed for basic functions to work on the website. Basic functions are, for example, cookies which are needed so that you can use menus on the website and navigate on the site.

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For us to measure your interactions with the website, we place cookies in order to keep statistics. These cookies anonymize personal data.

Cookies for ad-tracking

To enable us to offer better service and experience, we place cookies so that we can provide relevant advertising. Another aim of this processing is to enable us to promote products or services, provide customized offers or provide recommendations based on what you have purchased in the past.

Ad measurement user cookies

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