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This is Yanno

Yanno Capital is 100% owned by Anna Storåkers and Nicklas Storåkers. The current business of Yanno Capital started in Stockholm in 2023 as a Swedish investment company.


Yanno Capital is an independent investment company with the ambition to help grow and develop successful businesses. We actively look for new investments to repeat what we have done before. We invest our own money and we co-invest with Philian, the investment arm of Karl-Johan Persson. We do mostly unlisted investments, but can also act in the public market, across all stages of a company’s life. Yanno Capital is operating in an evergreen structure without a fixed exit horizon. 

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Our approach

Only a few companies in most industries have a strong idea about how they clearly differentiate from others. Yanno will only invest if we believe that there is a way to create sustainable customer value. A very strong alignment throughout a company is needed to achieve such a position in the market.

Yanno supports its portfolio companies in this process, tailored to the needs of the company. Support can include strategy formulation and goal setting, recruitment, international expansion and any other topic important at CEO level.

Our focus

Yanno Capital invests in companies and teams we believe in. We know it is the people that create the success. We focus our investments in Finance, Consumer Tech and B2B Software.

Yanno is stage agnostic, which means that we can make investments ranging from seed rounds in start-ups and growth rounds in accelerating companies (ticket size 5-50 MSEK) to buy-outs in more mature, profitable companies (ticket size 50-500 MSEK).


Our team possesses extensive experience across the entire spectrum of the sector. From fintech startups to niche banks and some of the largest banks in Europe. We have comprehensive knowledge in all major banking product areas and customer segments. We have experience from executive and/or board positions at e g. Avanza, Nordea, ABN Amro, Tink, Lysa, Kreditz, Froda, Nordax, Max Mathiessen and Hedvig. 

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Consumer Tech

We invest in the consumer tech and e-commerce sectors. We have experience from building and supporting consumer stars as PriceRunner, Avanza, Nordic Nest, Hedvig and GeoGuessr. We carefully select opportunities where we see strong potential for the development of sustainable business models. We look for the emergence of new services and platforms that have the capability to become the market leaders of tomorrow.

B2B Software

The landscape of SaaS business solutions is experiencing rapid evolution. At our firm, we actively seek scalable business models that have the potential to generate significant customer value while demonstrating a strong product-market fit. Our focus extends across various industry sectors. Many of the B2B software companies we have been involved in, operationally and as investors, have become the #1 in their respective market, companies as Tink, Kreditz and

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What makes us stand out


Before starting Yanno, we have been leading companies for more than two decades as CEO, Country Senior Executives and Chairmen. Spanning from companies starting from scratch, and mature companies with thousands of employees. 

Aligned interests

We primarily invest our own money. Our co-investor Karl-Johan Persson, and his investment company Philian, joins us in most of our investments. We don’t have a fixed investment horizon and can hold a company in our portfolio for as long as we want.

Track record

Prior to Yanno, we have a track record of successful investments that few other investors of our type can match. Exits include Tink’s sale to VISA, PriceRunner’s sale to Klarna, and Nordic Nest’s sale to BHG.

Yanno founders

Meet the team

Yanno Capital is founded by Nicklas Storåkers and Anna Storåkers. The team will expand over the coming years. Our ambition is to benefit from the diverse experiences in our growing team to give our portfolio companies the most relevant support.

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